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0008018ardourbugspublic2020-05-04 04:00
Reporterdon3 Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformRedhatOSLinuxOS VersionFedora 6
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008018: Ardour freeze / JACK zombified with PFL playing recording made with 5.12
OS: Fedora 21 (yes I know it's like 5 years old) + CCRMA

Ardour monitor bus enabled.
While playing back a 2-track recording made on another (Linux) computer with 5.12, where the tracks are routed to a sub-group bus, pressing PFL on the bus 1-3 times locks up parts of Ardour and results in the following printed to stdout/stderr:

JACK HALTED: zombified
Graph::engine_stopped. n_thread: 7
Graph::drop_threads() sema-counts: 0, 0, 1
Steps To Reproduce1: Create new session with 5.12. Create 2 tracks, select them both, create a group from the selection, and create a sub-group bus from the group.
2: Arm the 2 tracks and record a few minutes of audio. (Not sure if recording audio is really necessary.)
3: Probably not needed, but can't check at the moment: Add 27 more tracks (intended for additional recording), and create another group and sub-group bus for 2 of those.
4: Save and quit.
5: Open session with 6.0-pre1.
6: Play audio. Switch monitor to PFL mode if it isn't already. (It started in SiP mode, but I'm not sure that mattered.) Excl solo and solo>>mute are also enabled. Optional: Click PFL on each of the 2 recorded tracks in succession -- works fine.
7: Hit PFL on the sub-group bus. (Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 button on/off cycles.) Audio output stops, JACK error message is printed (qjackctl reports an xrun or two), and some of Ardour UI freezes, including meters and buttons. Menu is still responsive (Save and Quit work).
Additional InformationI was not able to reproduce this on a new session created with 6.0pre1.
I can attach a copy of the 5.12 session file that led to discovering this issue if needed.
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2020-04-30 21:54

reporter   ~0024015

Bug ID 0008063 _may_ be related to this one, not sure. I'll test another nightly build in the next few days...


2020-05-04 04:00

reporter   ~0024056

No, the lock-up is still present with Ardour-6.0.rc1.173-dbg-x86_64. It's possibly worse even: I have a session that originated on 5.12, to which I did some editing and exports about a week ago under one or more versions of 6.0pre1 and 6.0rc1. With this new version, already in PFL mode, pressing 'P' on any channel or on the sub-group bus causes the lock-up on the first click. (i.e, no need to PFL the bus first.)

Running the above with --gdb, clicking 'P' on any channel or on the bus works fine -- I hear the expected audio from the monitor -- but I also hear clicks, and jackd reports xruns.

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