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0008009ardourbugspublic2020-04-12 08:19
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version10
Product Version5.12 
Summary0008009: Transient detection issues
DescriptionCtrl+left/right arrow doesn't seem to be detecting consistenly the same transient after a region duration is modified.

In t1.png transport is on the transient first detected, almost on the beat. In t2.png I extended region duration both sides and now the transient is detected fairly off the beat. Pressing again ctrl+left/right arrow doesn't get me any "new" transient, it's just the the same transient detected elsewhere. I have just extended the region, not moved it.

Another example, in t3.png transient is detected very off the beat. In t4.png I extend the region and I get two new transients, one before the beat (same t4.png) and one after the second beat (t5.png). Pressing ctrl+left/right arrow gives me just those two, not the one I got at the beginning.

That's the main problem, but since we are at it I'd like to point out that most times what is seen as the spot where the transient is detected, it doesn't relates visually to what's heard, meaning that it's like wave image is rendered with some delay that makes it seem like the transient is past the start of the wave.

One last thing, there are a number of posts in discourse about the behaviour of transport as editing point and how zoom influences the spot where an action can be done. When I drag the transport and start making editings I see this zoom factor convenient and logical, but that becomes a problem when I want to edit right in the spot where I have just made Ardour to detect a transient. It is not convenient that if I have just pressed "Ctrl+right arrow", wanting the transport to be at the exact next transient, and then press "S" to split the region Ardour makes the cut on the closest grid line, the whole transient detection loses then its purpose. Then I have some options, either I zoom in each time until I am sure the cut will be done where I want, or I disable the grid, but both ways imply that I would be in and out of a redundant action. It would ideal that Ardour processed differently the editing point action depending on whether we have just dragged the transport or just detected a transient.

Thanks for your time.
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2020-04-12 08:19


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