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0007949bugs2020-05-27 11:21
ReporterchaotAssigned ToBenLoftis 
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PlatformSome Other LinuxOSSome Other LinuxOS Versionunknown
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Fixed in Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0007949: First snapping in session does not work
DescriptionThe first time snapping on session creation does not work (at least for a completely new configuration of Ardour6). As soon as the first MIDI region is placed, it starts snapping to the grid.
Steps To Reproduce1) (optional?) Start ardour with a non-existent configuration for Ardour6
2) Add a new session
3) Add a MIDI track
4) Turn on snapping
5) Try to place a region at a snapped position

For me 5) does not work as it does not snap to the grid. As soon as I placed the first region it starts snapping to the grid.
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duplicate of 0007941 closedx42 Snap not initialized for midi regions 



2020-03-28 13:35

developer   ~0021073

Should be fixed in b279c42


2020-03-28 13:36

developer   ~0021074

Should be fixed b279c42


2020-05-27 11:21

viewer   ~0024275

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