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0007914bugs2020-04-26 19:26
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Product Version6.0-pre0 
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Summary0007914: Active automations lanes sometimes do not appear when they should
DescriptionSometimes I'll have an automation lane that disappears. You click through the automation menu and it shows as "checked" meaning it should be in the list. But it isn't. You click it once and it gets unchecked (and still does not appear) but then you click it a second time and the lane will finally appear.

I do not know why this happens on some automations and not others (even within the same plugin). Maybe the difference is binary vs spectrum? I.e. enable/disable will show up, but a value between 0-10 automation lane has this issue?
Steps To ReproduceSee attached graphic.
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2020-02-26 19:26


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2020-02-28 01:29

administrator   ~0020986

This should be fixed in 6.0-pre0-3550-g1af5f37e46
On session re-load, previously lanes that had no events were not displayed (even if they were marked as visible).

It might also be due to a related bug: When copying plugins (or plugin state) the control-IDs were copied, too. So GUI state is messed up: The "visibility ID" is used for multiple lanes (copies of the plugin).
If this is the case, it can still be a problem for existing sessions.


2020-04-26 19:26

viewer   ~0023937

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