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0007913ardourbugspublic2020-08-07 17:24
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Product Version6.0-pre0 
Summary0007913: Automation markers aren't fully respected. Plugin is enabled when it should be disabled.
DescriptionIf you add a plugin to a strip and then add automation for bypass, you can place the playhead such that the automation is not respected/acted upon.
Steps To ReproduceCreate session with audio track.
Add any plugin.
Add automation points for enabling/disabling the plugin.
Place the playhead just before the plugin should automate on (but should still be off).
Plugin will be on.
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2020-02-25 22:41


playhead_disrespect.jpg (178,570 bytes)   
playhead_disrespect.jpg (178,570 bytes)   


2020-02-25 23:22

administrator   ~0020978

Is there a latent plugin before the automated plugin? In that case the given plugin needs to be enabled early during playback.

That would explain what you're seeing. Although It's still a bug that it's enabled when not rolling.


2020-02-25 23:26

administrator   ~0020979

Can you try: Preferences > Appearance > Toolbar > Display Latency Compensation Info
Then in the toolbar enable "Disable PDC" -- does that work-around?

A mixer window screenshot showing the plugin-setup may be helpful.


2020-08-07 17:24

reporter   ~0024903

Confirming that this still an issue as of 6.2.21. I tried the steps in your last comment and still get the same thing.

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