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0007890ardourbugspublic2020-03-02 11:43
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PlatformLinuxOSLinux MintOS Version19.3
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007890: per-track latency compensation slider issues
DescriptionDouble clicking on the slider in a track's 'Adjust Latency...' menu seems to allow for specific values to be entered but after entering a value and hitting enter, the slider just defaults to 1 sample.

Moving the slider, on the other hand, sets the value in milliseconds instead of samples.

Using the + and - buttons seems to work as expected UNTIL you pass 47 samples in which case the value changes to milliseconds once again.
Steps To Reproduce1 - right-click track name
2 - select 'Adjust Latency...'
3 - double click slider
4 - enter value and hit enter

1 - right-click track name
2 - select 'Adjust Latency...'
3 - select 'sample' in drop-down menu
4 - move slider

1 - right-click track name
2 - select 'Adjust Latency...'
3 - select 'sample' in dropdown
4 - click the '+' button until reaching 47 samples and up
Additional InformationNot sure if this is one or multiple bugs but ultimately setting a specific sample value over 47 seems to be an issue.
Tagslatency, track, ui



2020-02-19 16:17

administrator   ~0020969

This was broken in Ardour 5.x on many levels. It's not simply the GUI.

As far as I remember, adjusting track latency in Ardour5 effectively does nothing. It used to set JACK public port latencies but that doesn't have any direct effect.

The "47" is significant, because you at a sample-rate of 48000, 48 samples is one millisecond, and the display unit changes to ms.
The underlying unit is still samples, keep clicking until you reach 96 and the display shows 2ms.


All this was completely overhauled in Ardour6. One can customize the latency per processor/plugin (not per track). And numeric entry now also works correctly (since 6.0-pre0-3424).

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