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0007883ardourfeaturespublic2020-01-23 17:27
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PlatformLinuxOSMXLinux / AntiXOS Version19
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007883: Export dialog tick-box for auto-padding / conforming CD pre-gap to standard 2 seconds
DescriptionRather than worry about an exact 2 second gap between start marker and first CD track marker, may I suggest a tick-box option in export dialog to allow padding to 2 seconds if under, or, indeed, conforming to 2 seconds if longer? In other DAWs the workflow has never included needing to worry about manually placing a pre-gap in the editor window. Don't get me wrong...the ability to make this any length in Ardour is fantastic but it would be excellent to have a simpler option as part of the export process for those of us who are never interested in placing Easter-egg tracks but wish to conform to red-book standards.
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