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0007877features2020-01-24 16:55
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Summary0007877: Always include timestamps in log viewer
DescriptionTypical "Ardour - Log" contents:

[INFO]: Output channel count configuration not supported
[INFO]: Loading bindings from C:\Program Files\Ardour5\share\ardour5\ardour.keys
harvid version: 802
[INFO]: Loading menus from C:\Program Files\Ardour5\share\ardour5\ardour.menus
[INFO]: Loading 88 MIDI patches from C:\Program Files\Ardour5\share\ardour5\patchfiles

Timestamps have not been included. If an event is worth logging, it should be timestamped; this is (very) well established good practice.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Ardour - Log window; observe the absence of timestamps :)
Additional InformationLogs without timestamps have limited value.

Please include ISO-compliant timestamps in ALL logs (on-screen/in-app/in-file...)

2020-01-18T10:52:39Z [INFO]: Loading menus from C:\Program Files\Ardour5\share\ardour5\ardour.menus

Refer to ISO 8601 for formats; consider milli- or even micro-second precision might be worthwhile.
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2020-01-18 18:22

administrator   ~0020921

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I gave it a go in 6.0-pre0-3241-gd7801ab7ee but I'm not yet convinced:
Could you elaborate for which Ardour messages a timestamp is relevant?

> Logs without timestamps have limited value.

For system logs I do agree. For Ardour Application Warnings/Errors not so much.
It's also questionable if our target audience (musicians and audio engineers) care about ISO date.
We already got criticized for using it as default as default snapshot.


2020-01-19 12:25

reporter   ~0020922

Hi x42,

Thanks for the rapid response; if it's already been discussed, tried and rejected then please close with no further action.



2020-01-20 03:47

administrator   ~0020923

Currently builds do show ISO date/time in the log-window

It hasn't yet been discussed.
One alternative that I can think of being more useful would be showing "minutes:seconds" since Ardour was started, but I cannot make a strong case for either.


2020-01-24 16:55

reporter   ~0020928

Already under discussion

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