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0007860ardourbugspublic2019-12-18 11:59
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PlatformIntel x86_64OSFedoraOS Version29
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007860: Export fail with underruns
DescriptionSuddenly Ardour starts having problems with export to audio. A dialog says the disk cannot keep up with Ardour. Nothing in the log window, but the console shows:

STE-008 Need 1024 total = 679
underrun for STE-008
STE-001 1 Need 1024 total = 679
underrun for STE-001 1
STE-003 Need 1024 total = 679
underrun for STE-003

and some more. total= value is always 679.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Ardour and load project
Session > Export > Export to Audio Files >
File format: BWAV 24 bit
TIme span: Session
Channels: Master
Press [Export]

The export starts, and about halfway a dialog appears that the disk cannot keep up with Ardour.

This is reproducible with this project and does not happen with other projects.
Additional InformationProject archive file Tango_Van_De_Liefde_2019-12-16_190345.tar.xz can be downloaded from

The drowdown list of operating systems is severely outdated.
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2019-12-16 18:11


scrot20191216190054.png (11,020 bytes)   
scrot20191216190054.png (11,020 bytes)   


2019-12-16 18:23

reporter   ~0020862

The issue is reproducible when restored from the archive provided.


2019-12-18 11:59

reporter   ~0020868

A sudden as it started the issue seems to have disappeared. However, the following questions remain:
* Even if it was a (temporarily?) slow disk, how come the problem occurred consistently during a few days.
* During this period, a restored archive copy of the project encountered the same issues.
* During this period, no problems were encountered with other (earlier) Ardour projects.
* If it were random read errors, how come there were always 679 out of 1024 samples read on different audio files on different runs.

Additional information:
* The disk used is a network disk on a NAS. It typically does 100-250 MB/s which is more than sufficient to read audio files.
* All my Ardour projects reside on this disk.

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