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0007854ardourbugspublic2019-12-15 20:41
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PlatformmacOSOSMojaveOS Version10.14.6
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007854: MMC in locate command delay
DescriptionThe mmc in locate commands misinterpret the timecode infomation by adding 32 frames at 24FPS. this offset is constant depending on the framerate of the session.
I use pro tools to send the mmc locate command. when i add a delay in pro tools of 32 frames on the mmc, the timecode in ardour is right after a locate command.
But the mtc received by pro tools is also delayed.

When i send a locate command from pro tools to reaper, reaper see the right timecode everytime. Ardour seems to interpret differently the timecode information. Or the MMC part have implemented differently than the 'standart'.

Steps To ReproduceSend MMC locate command from a daw to ardour and compare.
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2019-11-25 13:28


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