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0007849ardourbugspublic2019-11-28 13:29
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Summary0007849: vst handling issue

(email from company X)
Company X said their plugin was crashing – and part of the reason was due to the way the “daw” is designed pertaining in handling VST specs…
“Mixbus is trying to save the plugin’s state from a thread which is running next to the “main” thread. This only seems to happen while importing MIDI files. This is unexpected and not really what the VST specs intended, but Redux also should not crash down when this happens, so we’ll make sure it can handle this.”

their plugin now has a functional workaround and works without issue in ardour/mixbus -- but the question is if the claim is true , there is the "daw" side that can also be inspected for the better to prevent similar issues.

[ original issue -- the daw would crash everytime a "midi import" would be done
 -- this no longer occurs but just for this "plugin" because there is a "workaround"
 -- the daw still needs to be looked into to verify the claim that there is flawed VST-handling code.

please take a look.


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