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Summary0007845: MIDI Control Surface Resets on MIDI track selection
DescriptionIf you use a keyboard with control buttons like the Novation Impulse 25 and you configure it as a Generic MIDI control surface, then it gets reset when you select a different MIDI track in the editor window. This prevents the user from being able to start / stop / record / etc. via the MIDI controller. The user can successfully set the control interface, but the "Incoming MIDI on" selection becomes reset as soon as the user selects a different MIDI track.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a blank new session.
2) Add 2 MIDI tracks and assign generic synths to them. Any will do.
3) Connect the MIDI controller to each track so that you can hear audio.
4) Now Select MIDI track 1 so that it is highlighted in the editor window.
5) Go to Preferences, select Sync > Control Surfaces. Select Generic MIDI and set your MIDI controller to accept incoming and outgoing MIDI messages.
5) Verify that you can start / stop the playback via your MIDI controller. MIDI track 1 should still be selected.
6) Now select MIDI track 2 from the editor.
7) You can no longer start / stop the playback via your MIDI controller. The "Incoming MIDI on" selection changes to "Disconnected."

Additional InformationI can reproduce this in any session. This is possibly related to bug 0007556. I am attaching a screenshot and the project session. I obtained my copy of Ardour by paying the one time donation; it is not the trial version.
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2019-11-10 22:27

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