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0007827ardourfeaturespublic2019-10-20 20:36
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PlatformAMD64OSUbuntu StudioOS Version18.04
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007827: Control MIDI devices from Ardour
DescriptionThis is not a bug report but a feature request. At least I didn't find anything about this or something similar in the documentation.

I'd like to see capability to control MIDI capable devices from the DAW.
- my Marshall JVM410 can do channel switches, master switches, channel mode switches and noise-gate switches based on incoming MIDI messages
- my BOSS GT100 Guitar Effect Processor can be controlled by incoming MIDI messages (which is mostly switching banks and patches)
- the BOSS VT5 Voice Effect Processor can be controlled similar

My idea for Ardour would be to implement a MIDI automation track which will send such commands to the channels such devices are connected to.
The MIDI implementation of different devices heavily varies so I'd suggest to implement a MIDI command editor so everybody can "implement" the
commands his device understands.
Someone who wants to use such a feature has studied the MIDI implementation of his devices and is knowing what he is doing.
The MIDI automation track could send then such commands to the devices at some point in time during a song.
This would be a great improvement for life performances and/or during training.
Additional InformationSorry, the link from the main page was "Bug reports and Feature requests" here I can find only "Report Issue".


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