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0007796bugs2020-04-19 20:18
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Summary0007796: update waf to >=2.0.7
DescriptionIt would be most awesome, if the (quite old) waf version (1.6.11) could be updated.

For the Arch Linux package I'm currently experimenting with a system installed waf (which works flawlessly with waf >= 2.0.0), as python2 is soon EOL ( ) and will be dropped from the repositories.

The custom autowaf import is fairly easy to get working with the system installed waf. However, the configuration loading of 'misc' is no longer possible, as the extra configuration has been dropped from waf and e.g. `command-output` is not available anymore. This is still in use in gtk2_ardour ( ) and needs to be replaced/removed.
The configuration 'misc' is loaded in tools/luadevel/wscript, session_utils/wscript, libs/fst/wscript, headless/wscript and gtk2_ardour/wscript.
Apart from the latter, I don't know yet, on which the others will break, if this is plainly removed. Additionally, testing against the old version is hard, because it requires python2, etc.

Ideally waf would be updated to the current version (2.0.18), to ensure interoperability with python3.7.
Steps To ReproduceTry to build current stable (5.12) or above from source using system installed waf, by replacing the global autowaf imports with local ones:

find . -type f -iname "*wscript*" -exec sed -e 's/from waflib.extras import autowaf/from tools import autowaf/g' -i {} \;
find . -type f -iname "*wscript*" -exec sed -e 's/import waflib.extras.autowaf/from tools import autowaf/g' -i {} \;
Additional Informationwaf 2.0.18
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2019-08-26 16:31

administrator   ~0020755

Likely a won't fix for years to come. It likely won't happen until we drop winXP and OSX 10.5 PPC, OSX 10.6 support. and Linux glibc 2.2.5, gcc4 compatibility.
Python2 works just fine as build system, even if it is EOL.


2019-08-26 17:08

reporter   ~0020756

"Likely a won't fix for years to come."
What are the main blockers?

"It likely won't happen until we drop winXP and OSX 10.5 PPC, OSX 10.6 support. and Linux glibc 2.2.5, gcc4 compatibility."
How is that connected to waf 1.6.11?

"Python2 works just fine as build system, even if it is EOL."
Well, if it's not in the repositories anymore, Ardour will not be buildable.


2019-12-22 10:55

reporter   ~0020870

A fix for all wscript files in the ardour repo to become compatible with python3 and thus a later version of waf (currently 1.6.11 is in use) is available in this pull request:


2020-01-25 03:09

administrator   ~0020929

Should be fixed since 6.0-pre0-3299-g5a841ef462


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023802

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