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0007793ardourbugspublic2019-08-24 12:30
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007793: GUI freeze when changing parameters in the "a-High/Low pass Filter" plugin.
Description(see "Summary" and "Steps To Reproduce")

Steps To Reproduce1. Start Ardour 5.12
2. Create an "a-High/Low-Pass Filter" plugin.
3. Open GUI for that plugin.
4. Make sure "Plugin analysis" is visible.
5. Move a slider rapidly back and forth.
6. After a few seconds (if your computer is slow enough), GUI starts freezing.
Additional InformationTested on windows and linux, two different graphic cards, two different CPUs. Looks like it takes a lot of time to draw graphics, and when changing slider values, it can take so much time to update the graphics (probably caused by a flood of events) that the GUI freezes.

A workaround is to remove the line with "siz = lpf_chunk" from the function dsp_run.

This does not happen in Ardour 5.6.0.

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