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0007789ardourbugspublic2019-08-21 08:10
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007789: Unable to launch ardour
DescriptionTried to launch ardour today, after no previous issues it suddenly does not start and i get and error message saying "Could not initialize Ardour (likely due to corrupt config files).
Run Ardour from a commandline for more information."
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2019-08-20 11:16


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Capture.PNG (10,213 bytes)   


2019-08-20 17:36

administrator   ~0020729

Try to move/delete the config files.

1) go to %localappdata% (enter that literally in an explorer window) it'll go to a hidden folder usually C:\User\YourUsername\AppData\Local\
2) re-move the "ardour5" folder there. That'll reset all preferences

Maybe just re-name the folder or move %localappdata%\ardour5 to the desktop as backup. That may also allow to investigate as to why this happened.


2019-08-21 08:10

reporter   ~0020731

Thank you, it launches now, haven't been able to test functionality yet though.

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