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0007784ardourbugspublic2020-05-12 10:17
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Product Version5.12 
Summary0007784: Behringer X-Touch Compact settings are not saved
DescriptionBehringer X-Touch Compact settings are not saved
Steps To Reproduce- create new session( a template )
- open Preferences/Sync/Control Surfaces
- configure Mackie protocol for Behringer X-Touch Compact
- set up/configure tracks
- save session
- reopen session

Result: Mackie protocol for Behringer X-Touch Compact are not present, configuration has to be redone

Note: the above does not 'always' occur, but I would say 90% of the times
Additional InformationUbuntu 16.04
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2019-08-11 19:15

administrator   ~0020718

This is likely already fixed in Ardour/git (upcoming 6.0).

Ardour 5.x saves control-surface settings per session and globally (preferences for new session). Loading a session reads session-specific settings and replaces global/prefs. There have been known conflicts.

Ardour6 will change this. All control surface settings will be session independent. -- You could try a build to check if the issue is solved (but keep in mind that 6.x isn't ready for prime-time).


2020-04-13 17:58

reporter   ~0021333

I updated system to 18.04, built latest Ardour6.0.pre1.143 from source.
Issue is still reproducible:
1. create a new session with multiple tracks, configure Mackie protocol for Behringer X-Touch Compact in Preferences
2. save session
3. reopen session => Behringer X-Touch Compact has to be configured in Preferences again


2020-04-14 07:13

reporter   ~0021342

With my Behringer X-Touch Compact I had to launch a2jmidid with "-ue" in order for Ardour to remember the ports.


2020-04-14 13:22

administrator   ~0021344

@VennStone: we recommend that people do not use JACK unless they need too. Using MIDI hardware with JACK2 (the version installed on most Linux systems) is much more complicated. The ALSA backend is much simpler to use and for most people it is all they need.


2020-04-14 13:23

administrator   ~0021345

@sc3sc3 i cannot reproduce this. I have several Mackie devices, and using the jACK and ALSA backends, Ardour remembers the settings.

Can you please clarify what you mean by "has to be configured in Preferences again" ? What has to be configured? What are settings when you reopen the session?


2020-04-14 13:29

reporter   ~0021346

@paul I'll test it again in the coming days and will report back.


2020-04-19 12:09

reporter   ~0021388

I'd say it's generally working, I'm using Jack and a2jmidid btw.
I did have 2 crashes though last night of which one happened when setting 2 tracks to Solo via X-Touch Compact.
These were serious crashes: computer went down and restarted on its own. ( maybe an issue of my system ? )
After crash, when restarting Ardour and "recovering from crash", then the Compact was not 'recognized' and had to be re-enabled in Preferences/Control Surfaces

@Paul, with "has to be configured in Preferences again", I meant the Behringer had to be 'enabled' in Preferences/Control Surfaces again.

Should an Ardour 5.12 project when opened and saved in Ardour 6 recognize the Behringer afterwards ? Or are only projects created in Ardour 6 supported ?


2020-05-12 10:17

reporter   ~0024123

I have a reproducible scenario where it goes wrong., using Jack, a2jmidid and latest Ardour build ( from git source )

1. start Ardour
2. create new Session from Empty Template
3. add Audio Track ( Behringer X-Touch Compact is correctly connected to Ardour: hardware fader is activated )
4. save Session
5. create new Session( from menu Session > New.. )
6. add Audio Track
Result: Behringer X-Touch Compact seems disconnected to Ardour: hardware fader is NOT activated

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