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0007784bugs2019-08-11 19:15
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Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007784: Behringer X-Touch Compact settings are not saved
DescriptionBehringer X-Touch Compact settings are not saved
Steps To Reproduce- create new session( a template )
- open Preferences/Sync/Control Surfaces
- configure Mackie protocol for Behringer X-Touch Compact
- set up/configure tracks
- save session
- reopen session

Result: Mackie protocol for Behringer X-Touch Compact are not present, configuration has to be redone

Note: the above does not 'always' occur, but I would say 90% of the times
Additional InformationUbuntu 16.04
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2019-08-11 19:15

administrator   ~0020718

This is likely already fixed in Ardour/git (upcoming 6.0).

Ardour 5.x saves control-surface settings per session and globally (preferences for new session). Loading a session reads session-specific settings and replaces global/prefs. There have been known conflicts.

Ardour6 will change this. All control surface settings will be session independent. -- You could try a build to check if the issue is solved (but keep in mind that 6.x isn't ready for prime-time).

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