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0007776ardourfeaturespublic2019-07-20 22:08
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Summary0007776: Add midi bindings to plugin controls shown in mixer strip
DescriptionWhile doing the midi map for my APC40 controller, I've been looking for a kind of midi binding that doesn't seem to be available in Ardour (yet).

The idea would be add bindings for the controls that are "shown" in the mixer strip. This would be very flexible, as typically for each project I want controls on different plugin parameters, with different tracks and plugins setup, so the "/route/plugin/parameter the Mth parameter of the Nth plugin of a track/bus " is not suitable.

It could be something like:

/route/plugin/controls the Nth plugin control shown in the mixer strip of a track/bus

which would look in practice like:

<Binding channel="1" ctl="4" uri="/route/plugin/controls B1 1"/>

This way, user would just have to show in the mixer strip the set of controls he needs, and have those automatically binded to the controller (of course, providing he has the corresponding bindings set on his active map).
This would be in my opinion very clever as there are big chances that if someone needs to show some plugin controls in the mixer strip, he will also want to have the same set of controls on his controller (at least in my case it is always true).

For now all my setup are like this, but relying on manual binding of each shown control, which is very tedious and not as convenient or reliable as using the midi map file. It would be very welcome to can automate this with such bindings.
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