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0007770documentation2019-07-06 18:29
ReporteretellerannetAssigned Topaul 
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Summary0007770: Website: Link to "Ardour/FLOSS Tutorial Manual" broken
DescriptionThe link to Ardour/FLOSS Tutorial Manual in the website footer leads to a 404 page on
Steps To Reproduce1. Open
2. Click link in footer section, "Ardour/FLOSS Tutorial Manual"
3. Marvel at the beauty of a 404 message at
Additional InformationSeems the URL changed to , found by visiting and searching for Ardour, then grabbing the "Read" link.
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2019-07-06 17:57

administrator   ~0020689

Thanks for the heads up!

It should link to -- which currently redirects to Bruno's more recent tutorial.
The flossmanual page applies to ancient Ardour2 and provides outdated and misleading information, We should probably contact them to remove it.


2019-07-06 18:29

administrator   ~0020690

thanks for noticing. I've changed all (?) references to use a 301 (redirect) directive on that uses, and updated the URL that it points to.

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