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0000777ardourfeaturespublic2007-05-21 14:05
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Summary0000777: "favorite plugins" tab in the plugin selection
DescriptionI really would love to see a sort of "favorite plugins" tab in the plugin selection.

Some ideas:
* In the ladspa and vst tabs, add a column named "add to favorites" with checkboxes.
* an [add to favorites] with the [add] [remove] and [update] buttons.
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2004-12-01 16:51

administrator   ~0001659

Nice idea.


2006-12-12 18:08

administrator   ~0002889

Ben Loftis suggested adding a searchable tagging feature. With this, you could just tag plugins with "favorite" and then search for that. Not sure if that is too complex for this feature.


2007-02-14 23:06

administrator   ~0003286

It should probably use the existing sfdb tagging library for this.


2007-05-17 21:11

reporter   ~0003990


I support this request. There are really a lot of plugins not ordered properly (e.g. in the category "unknown"), and also some which aren't good enough for someone's perpose.

So a "favourite plugins" tab would make life easier (I use mainly about 10 plugins - sometimes I have to search for a while if I forgot the name of one I don't use every day).

It could even be useful to have a personal blacklist tag.


2007-05-21 14:05

administrator   ~0004003

we plan to use ingen's very nice plugin selector, "soon"

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