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0007759ardourbugspublic2019-05-14 14:51
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Summary0007759: Removal of compile option --lv2 in 6.X-git is buggy
DescriptionCommit 754591e2ee2 removes the --lv2 option when compiling, since lv2 is now mandatory.
But the waf parsing is buggy in the sense that it only checks if the option exists, not if it's an exact match, and that means that one can still add "--lv2" to the waf configure line without complaint, because it matches with the --lv2dir option.

The option that comes after a --lv2 will be disregarded as a compile option and will instead be used as the lv2dir during ./waf install

Steps To Reproducegit clone && cd ardour
./waf configure --lv2 --with-backends=dummy
./waf build
./waf install

Watch the installation copy the a*.lv2 directories into a "--with-backends=dummy" directory
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