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0007757ardourbugspublic2019-05-02 20:22
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Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007757: Mackie Control surface not showing meters or Signal anymore
DescriptionArdour 5.12 together with Mackie Control (and probably other Mackie MCP units) shows the signal level on each of the channels or buses right under the track name. The meter has no values but gives a good view of the momentary signal strength all the time. There is also a Signal Led that lights up when a signal i present.
I think that was a good approach and made using the Control Surface more convenient so one does not have to check meter bridge or switch to mixer view in Ardour constantly.

In latest nightly build I have tested (Ardour 6.0.pre0.1926) the meter bars are removed and replaced with static "Pan" which might be correct but not that useful IMHO. The signal Led seems to be gone as well which further removes from the visual feedback the Control Surface used to provide.

Is this a bug or temporary regression or is there a good reason to remove these features ?
Steps To ReproduceLaunch Ardour 5.12
Connect your Mackie Device and enable your Mackie Control Surface
Check your Meters and Signal Leds (Just like a real Mixer)

Launch Ardour 6 Nightly Build
Connect your Mackie Device and enable your Mackie Control Surface
Check your Meters and Signal Leds by enable Ardour On Screen Meter bridge or switch to Ardour Mixer View or get Dual Screens to make Ardour provide Visual feedback on a dedicated screen.

IMO the Ardour6 way limits the usefulness of the Control surface
Additional InformationIf we can change the appearance of Ardour Meters between "LED meter style" and gradient, we should at least be able to chose whether or not having meters on the Control Surface (unless there is a really solid reason for removing that option)

I did note that other MCP things was way better than 5.12 like for instance. I/O Assignment.

Hope others can chime in and provide their view
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