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0007752ardourbugspublic2019-04-13 15:25
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PlatformPCOSUbuntu StudioOS Version18.04
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007752: Adding second video to Video Timeline, or removing first then adding second does not work
DescriptionFor 48 hour film projects, as a composer I have been using Ardour 5.12 twice for production work. In the second project I imported a scene to my main project to record music to it.

Later in the project, I wanted to add the whole film (7 minutes) to the project to fit the seperate demo recordings to the video footage. When trying to import a second video the import process would initiate, but in the end the film would not be added.

After removing the first video, and repeating the process of importing several times with different setting, it would remain impossible to get the images to play in the xjadeo video monitor.
I thought perhaps in the project file there would still remain tags from the old video clip that would prevent me from importing the new video. Although I did spot a few video tags, they did not seem to be relevant to the problem.

In the end, I chose to create a new ardour project to work from. This unfortunately meant manually importing and linking the audio files from the original project and re-recording most. Fortunately this time I could import the seven minute long film and work with it.

Unfortunately by then it had already had a huge effect on my productivity and workflow, and I was unsuccessful in promoting the system (other than the first time, when I did not work as extensively with the video timeline).
Steps To ReproduceLaunch Ubuntu Studio Controls, start jack server
Launch Ardour 5.12.
Add video.
Add another video. (fails)
Try to remove video 0000001
Again, try to add video #2
It will fail.
Additional InformationI used a usb device as master device (zoom r24 channel audio mixer)
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