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0007746ardourbugspublic2019-03-25 15:30
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Product Version5.12 
Summary0007746: Plugin state for Helm LV2 saving/loading incorrectly after changing parameters in the plugin UI
DescriptionWhile trying out the Helm synthesizer recently, I noticed parameters sometimes getting messed up after closing and re-opening a project. After a bunch more testing, I've concluded that this seems to be caused by the plugin's state not being either saved or loaded correctly, and specifically the state of parameters that were manually changed at some point in the plugin's UI (as opposed to parameters set by loading a preset). It appears as if Ardour is loading the latest manually set state of a parameter, even if I've since reset those parameters by loading a different preset.

I have no idea whether this is a bug in Ardour or Helm, but since it's happening specifically when I'm saving and loading projects in Ardour, I figured I'd report it here first. (I don't currently have other DAWs installed that I could test the plugin with.) I did a cursory search, but didn't spot any reports either here or on Helm's bug tracker that sounded quite like this issue...
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a midi track with the Helm synthesizer LV2 plugin. Open the plugin's UI and select a preset in the browser.
2. Change one or more parameters in the UI, for instance filter cutoff and resonance. Save the project.
3. Now select a different preset in the browser, but don't touch the parameters. Save the project and close Ardour.
4. Open Ardour and load the project. The parameters changed earlier are now at the levels they were at after setting them in step 2, not where they should be based on the preset loaded in step 3.
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