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0007741features2020-01-27 19:34
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Summary0007741: Group gain sharing should never happen for groups where it's not enabled
DescriptionIf I want a group to have gain sharing (either absolute or relative), I'll enable it in the group's properties. If I don't want a group to have gain sharing by default, I certainly don't want it to have gain sharing when I <Shift>+Click on any of the groups faders. There are more use cases for groups without gain sharing than with it, in my experience, especially now that we have VCAs, which do all that group gain sharing could and more.
Additional InformationI have a vague memory of making this report before, but I can't find it now...
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2020-01-22 12:34

updater   ~0020925

This still bothers me. I might have just grouped some tracks to record-enable them together more easily, or even just to make them all the same colour - I really never want gain-sharing for such a group, shift pressed or not.

I do find <shift>+click on faders to reset them occasionally useful, but if I accidentally<shift>+click a grouped fader it'll reset all the faders of the group, regardless of what the group is for. Worse, it doesn't even do it consistently: it depends on the setting of the group's 'Relative' gain tick box (which isn't even enabled if 'Gain' is unticked) as to whether the other faders in the group will all reset to 0dB, or keep their gains relative to the 0dB level of the <shift>+clicked fader. Worse still, even if 'Relative' is ticked, faders that would have gone above +6dB are clamped to +6dB, and even the relative balance of the group faders is lost.


2020-01-25 13:27

reporter   ~0020930


Would be nice to have the handy shift+click gain reset back affecting just one track, given that Gain is unticked on group settings.


2020-01-25 13:39

reporter   ~0020931

I'd add that this happens even with group's side label deactivated, which actually makes me think of it as a bug rather than a feature request.


2020-01-27 19:30

updater   ~0020937

And it's no less inconsistent when a group has 'gain' sharing enabled: in that case, <shift>+click on a grouped fader resets just that fader to 0dB, except if the group itself is disabled, in which case it resets all the faders, relatively or absolutely according to the 'relative' setting.


2020-01-27 19:34

updater   ~0020938

I believe that <shift> was originally supposed to invert the enabled status of a group when clicking on elements of tracks with that group, but even that doesn't seem consistent: some mixer strip controls (e.g. record arm) treat <ctrl > in that way instead.

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