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0007720features2019-02-05 15:27
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Summary0007720: Add automation-enabled "Bypass", "Dry/Wet" and "Polarity Flip"controls to all plug-ins
DescriptionQuite often I wish I could use a plug-in in "parallel" without playing around with buses or complex pin connection setups.

However many plug-ins lack a simple Bypass or Dry/Wet control.

In LMMS all plug-ins are given these controls (also with possibly inverted polarity - which is pretty handy if I want to "substract" the plug-ins effect from the source, instead of adding it "(mixing").

Sometimes it's a simpler matter and I just wish I could automate a plug-ins Bypass, to avoid needeess multing, but a plug-in doesn't have Bypass (yes, I know it's strange but that's how it is).

Maybe a lot of plug-ins don't include Bypass and Dry/Wet controls as they expect the host to provide these.

Ardour does provide a Bypass control for all plug-ins, but it's not exposed for automation - which I think is a big shame!
Adding a dry/wet control and also maybe a "wet polarity flip" switch would be an awesome addition and it'd greatly augment Ardour's mixing possibilities, with existing plug-ins.

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2019-02-05 15:27

administrator   ~0020579

Only a plugin itself knows how to click-free bypass itself. Also for latent plugins dry/wet would need to be latency compensated, etc.

The features you ask for must be done on the plugin-side, a host has insufficient context to do this correctly.
That is also why all major plugin-standards include specifications for automatable bypass controls. Most professional plugins do implement those and Ardour supports those for VST and LV2.

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