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0007709ardourbugspublic2018-12-16 17:07
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PlatformKDE NeonOSKubuntuOS Version5,14
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007709: Mixbus control surface settings lost after a reboot
Descriptionit seems to be a bug or a missing script, when the system is restarted it may be that the Midi Port IDs are regenerated f.ex.

previous assignment:
pmidi -l
Port Client name Port name
14:0 Midi Through Midi Through Port-0
16:0 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 1
16:1 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 2
16:2 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 3
16:3 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 4
16:4 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 5
16:5 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 6
24:0 USB MIDI Interface USB MIDI Interface MIDI 1

after a reboot:
pmidi -l
Port Client name Port name
14:0 Midi Through Midi Through Port-0
16:0 USB MIDI Interface USB MIDI Interface MIDI 1
24:0 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 1
24:1 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 2
24:2 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 3
24:3 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 4
24:4 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 5
24:5 US-2400 US-2400 MIDI 6

In the control surcace setup of mixbus they are set up as follows - see above previous assignment w/ port no. 16 f.ex. US-2400 [16] in mixbus setup ...
if these ports are changed after a reboot f.ex. to 24 (sec. sample above) then the mixbus control surface shows "disconnected) in all rows because there is no US-2400 [16] anymore only US-2400 [24] is available.
Reaper can handle with changing midi ports and replaces in this case [16] with [24] and the control surface is working after a reboot, the mixbus C.S. does not work and you need to reset the midiports from disconnetec to US-2400 [24 row 1-8] .
Steps To Reproducesetup a us-2400, reboot a few times with control surface powered off and on, open mixbus with us-2400 off & on.
Check with:
pmidi -l
changing system midi ports
Additional InformationCan a patch be published to solve this serious problem?
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2018-12-16 17:07


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