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0007702ardourfeaturespublic2018-12-06 20:46
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Summary0007702: Add an option to space out selected regions
DescriptionI was asked by another Ardour user - how could he insert 1-second pauses between a collection of touching audio regions.

I've made an experiment and a solution I came up with is to:

1. Extend all the regions by 1 second so they overlap
2. Right click on them still being selected and use Selected regions > Positions > Sequence regions
3. Then what's left is shortening the regions back by one second

The result is perfect - the regions are now evenly spaced out by 1-second long gaps.

There are two problems however:
- the regions may not contain enough material that'd allow making them longer - in such case the results will be inconsistent.
- This operation requires precision to avoid any errors in the editing process - I don't know if there's an easy way to make all regions longer y an exact amount of time - user has to assist this by himself to make sure it's done precisely - which might not be.

I thought it could be a very nice addition to the editing toolset of Ardour if there was an option to "Space out" selected regions.

This could both move regions apart, as bring them together - to unify the gaps between them by a determined amount of time. It could be as simple s adding a "gap" parameter to in dialog window for the "Sequence regions" function.

What do you think?
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