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0007698ardourbugspublic2018-12-02 00:27
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Product Version5.12 
Summary0007698: Editing automation: two points selected when I wanted just one
DescriptionI spend a lot of time editing automation data in Ardour.

Here's another thing that I'm finding myself fighting a lot against.

For whatever reason sometimes when I edit automation data, 9 times out of 10 when I click on a point to select it (so I can move it) - Ardour will also select another automation point, usually it's a point one step eariler on the timeline.

As a result - I am selecting an affecting locations of two points rather than one - which makes it quite difficult to do what I want, as any move I perform breaks what I already had.

Usually I just try selecting it over and over, adding new points, deleting them until I somehow manage to get an automation function more or less doing what I wanted.

I think that this problem it's not affecting all sessions.

Maybe the reason why this happens is that sometimes Ardour misjudges where I clicked and decided I clicked on the line between two automation points, not on a single point itself, so it thinks I wanted to select both points - maybe a "snap distance" for this could be increased so even missing the point by a few pixels still selects the point, and not the line?

Also: I think it could be very helpful if the active object would highlight with mouse over events - for example if I hover my mouse over a point - it could highlight slightly, then I know what I would select if I clicked now. Same for the line - it could highlight slightly, and once I click on it (confirming I wanted to select that) it could select two closest points.

I think that could both help debug this problem and also make it easier for users to understand what is happening (this could also be extended to editing notes, tracks and regions later. Though I never had such problems with anything but automation data.

What do you think of this all?
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