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Summary0007697: Copying data between Ardour sessions
DescriptionSometimes I wish I could cut, copy and paste tracks, plug-ins or regions between two Ardour instances having different sessions opened.

Blender allows that - I think it's saving any objects that were copied to the clipboard, to a special file on the disk, and if that file exists - all running Blender instances can paste objects from it. It's very useful in Blender, but it could also be very useful in Ardour.

Blender also allows users to link or copy any data from other Blender projects - which is also a way to achieve what I just mentioned, but it can also be used to make Blender projects inter-dependant. I don't think this level of asset management is needed in Arodur, but being able to copy anything from other Ardour sessions would be great.

Say you want to integrate elements from multiple Ardour sessions together and aggregate them in one session- maybe you're doing a mashup of a few projects, or just want to re-use what you've already made elsewhere, but you need to be able to modify it and adapt to the new project - right now I could try using Track Templates to save and load my plug-in stacks, but I'd need to re-create track playlists in a different way (importing MIDI files).

Being able to manage assets in Ardour projects like this could be a huge time-saver in many cases. Ardour files could maybe be then used a bit like Blender files - as asset libraries.

I could for example import a bunch of tracks into one project and publish it as a set of templates.

What do you think about this?
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