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Summary0007693: Allow changing plug-in parameters independently for each instance that is being run
DescriptionWith the Pin Connections dialog it is possible to run multiple instances of a plug-in processing different channels of audio. The plug-in states are being reflected so that a single plug-in user interface is controlling all the instances at once.

I thought it could be very useful if there was a way to separate these plugins and give them different parameters. I imagine there could besome extra controls for that in the Arsour's plug-in interface border. By default it would be set to have all the instances use the same parameters, but one could also set it to "Independent" mode and then switch between the different instances right in the interface to vary the parameters.

Possible use cases?

I've been experimenting with crossover filters and then mixing the signal back together for applying an effect only to a certain frequency band without using additional buses. It's great but the obvious limitation is that it's pretty cumbersome to setup the routing.

With this function in place however one could simply insert a crossover filter, then insert a given effect say a compressor - and finally simply bypass two of the three compressor instances leaving the mids being processed alone.

Sill a mixer plug in has to be used and routed manually though.

Another use case could be turning any effect into a multi-band processor. Right now it's pretty possible but all the instances will use identical parameters which often defines the point of using multiband processing.

Being able to set the different parameters for different plug-in instances would allow someone to for example use a transient designer that works on a wideband signal to process multiple frequency bands differently.

Right now it's possible but one needs to do a lot of manual patching in the pin connections dialog window to get it going, and then switching between the interfaces could be a bit confusing.

This is definitely not a high priority feature, but I wonder if anyone had a similar need in their work.

What do you think?
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