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Summary0007684: Making project re-arranging easier
DescriptionFor many months I've been thinking about ideas to help me arrange music within Aradour.

My workflow is based on MIDI and Automation.

Often I want to move or copy a part of a composition to a different place on the timeline. It's a difficult task, as there's no easy way to just select a range on the timeline and drag it over to somewhere.

I need to use the range tool and manually select all automation lanes, then copy or cut, then paste.

I've show this in my videos - it's difficult and laborsome.

I have a few ideas how that could be made easier:

1. Make it possible to easily range-select on all tracks, and lanes (including timeline markers). It'd already make the whole thing easier.

2. Create a "Structure" track type. It would hold regions (like audio regions), that are being used as reference points for other regions and data on other tracks.

One could create a Structure Region for a verse and a chorus - select all reqions, right click on a Structure Range and assign selection to it. Then whenever that Structure Range is moved, copied or deleted - all the assigned regions and automation data follow it's location relatively. The Structure regions could be duplicated, cloned and deleted like any other - making it super easy to rearrange the project's musical structure. What's more - one could create alternate playlists for the Structure Track and quickly test out different arrangements.

What do you think?
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2018-11-09 19:42

administrator   ~0020468

good call. An arranger track (like Studio One) has been on our ToDo list for ages. That would also indirectly address the first issue.

for inspiration


2018-11-10 20:13

reporter   ~0020473

Oh yes. I think I saw this used in Cubase (probably same deal).

It makes it possible to be way more connected to the music writing process, not getting bogged down selecting tracks and managing cut/copy/paste operations on them, trying to no break anything.


2018-11-30 12:12

reporter   ~0020495

I'm actually fighting with this every day :D Moving around audio and MIDI regions is fine, but when automation comes into play - it all falls apart. Making a simple arrangement change might take a few minutes to execute, when you've got dozens of automation lanes contributing to the sound.

Is there anything I can do to help the arranger track come into life?

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