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0007680bugs2018-11-01 21:30
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Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
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Summary0007680: State of sidechain not set, when a route is duplicated
DescriptionWhen duplicating a brack or bus that contains one or more sidechains, the states of the sidechains in the newly created track or bus is not set.

Same behavior also in 5.12
Steps To Reproduce* start with an empty session
* create a track or bus
* add a plugin that has a sidechain (e.g. a-comp)
* make sure that the sidechain has at least one audio port
* duplicate the track or bus by right-click -> duplicate
* confirm the dialog
* the newly created track or bus has a sidechain, which has no ports (should have as much as the old track or bus)
* when adding a port it has the name "TO BE RESET FROM XML"
Additional InformationPresumably the problem lies in libs/ardour/ (as of cc83e1a)

The check regenerate_xml_or_string_ids () returns true.

if (!regenerate_xml_or_string_ids ()) {
    _sidechain->set_state (**i, version);

so _sidechain->set_state () is not called.
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2018-11-01 18:49

administrator   ~0020430

> the newly created track or bus has a sidechain, which has no ports (should have as much as the old track or bus)

I'm not sure if that's expected. This would imply to add a dedicated side-chain send to the source-track and connect it.
Copying tracks is pretty much like creating tracks from templates. External sends feeding the track and their connections are not part of the template.


2018-11-01 19:08

reporter   ~0020431

If the state is not supposed to be copied, it's just about the name setting. I can confirm that also after creating a track with sidechain from a template, the sidechain name is "TO BE RESET FROM XML".

If it's only about the name setting, I can provide a fix.


2018-11-01 19:13

administrator   ~0020432

I'm not yet sure what is the correct way to fix it.

(A) just fix the name?
(B) re-connect the sidechain
(C) disable the sidechain input
(C) something else...


2018-11-01 19:27

reporter   ~0020433

Fixing the name would be an important step that can be done right away. (Actually I have already a fix here.)

Nice to have would be to have the same number of ports created and pin connected. Imagine you have some plugin with 6 MIDI input ports and 8 audio input ports fed by the sidechain. Then it would be nice, if the ports are pin connected automatically when creating a track such a plugin from a template.


2018-11-01 21:30

reporter   ~0020434

Fixed as of fe318c0cd


2018-11-01 21:30

reporter   ~0020435

Fixed as of fe318c0cd

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