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0007669bugs2018-09-30 18:09
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Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
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Summary0007669: Unpredictable/Unintuitive Show/Hide Behavior
DescriptionI'm using Harrison Mixbus 32C v5

There are a number of show/hide operations which don't operate in what I consider an intuitive manner. Details below.
Steps To ReproduceCreate several groups with an arbitrary number of tracks, all active and all visible.
In editor window enable 'editor list'.
Right click in 'Tracks and busses' and select 'Hide all'. This works as expected, and tracks can be individually shown or hidden by manually clicking their check boxes.
The same operations when performed from the Mixer window's left hand pane don't work, i.e. tracks cannot be individually shown after a 'Hide all' command from the context menu.
In both cases, the Groups pane (or tab, in the editor view) does not update to reflect whether the entire group is visible or not.
The strangest operation is the following:
In Mixer view, make all groups visible by clicking the check boxes in the groups pane. In the tracks pane, select hide all.
Groups all remain checked but no tracks are visible. Uncheck one group and all remaining tracks are suddenly visible.
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