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0007664ardourbugspublic2020-03-15 17:02
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PlatformPCOSLinux MintOS Version18.3
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007664: Ardour will fail to load a session if the absolute path contains a colon character
DescriptionYesterday I've renamed a folder containing my Arodur Session to have a colon (':') in it.

Today I tried loading my session and Ardour reported it can't find some MIDI files. I said skip all - it coulnd't find any of them, my session went silent.

Renaming the parent folder back to not contain any special characters fixes the problem.
Steps To Reproduce1. Move an Ardour session to a folder with a colon (':') in name
2. Try to load it
3. Watch it fail
4. Rename that folder to not have the colon in it
5. Load the session again
6. Everything back to normal
Additional InformationWhat is strange to me is that Ardour had problems with finding MIDI files in "interchange" but the session file was loaded fine!
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2018-09-19 22:05

administrator   ~0020387

A colon is interpreted as PATH separator for search paths. That is a unix standard (just like semicolon on windows).

Ardour does not allow to create or rename sessions with colon nor semicolon in the session-name.

You should always use ardour's Menu > Session > Rename function to rename sessions.


2018-09-20 06:45

reporter   ~0020388

I'm not sure we're on the same page.

I've created an Ardour session in a path like this:

/things/Episode One/Session/Session.ardour

Then I have renamed one of the parent folders using a file manager (I couldn't do that with Ardour):

things/Episode One: Introduction/Session/Session.ardour

Which rendered the Ardour session broken.

If colon is an illegal character in a folder name, why didn't my file manager prevent me from using it?

If it's not an illegal character - I guess the problem is in how Ardour interprets the path.

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