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0007657features2020-04-19 20:18
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Summary0007657: Drag&Drop MP3 file does nothing
DescriptionI am new to Ardour5, the first thing I tried after opening the program was dragging and dropping a MP3 file from Nautilus(File manager) to the program, I expected it to automatically add an audio track and add my MP3 file to it.
But It didn't happen. I manually added a new Audio track and tried dropping MP3 there! (anywhere in the track, middle, start, end ...) nothing happened!

I expect it to automatically do what I expect it to do. and as it looks like, dropping Mp3 doesn't have any default behavior (it does nothing), why not assigning this behavior to it ?

Additional InformationI installed Ardour5 using Snap package manager (Ubuntu software center)
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2018-08-27 19:26

administrator   ~0020371

Ardour does not support mp3.

It is generally really bad practice to begin production or mixing starting with an already lossy format.


2018-08-28 05:20

reporter   ~0020372

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Yep! It's a really bad practice, and I didn't find out until I searched a lot and found some discussion page that it was discussed and I was convinced!

But what I am asking for is just a default behavior! If it can't be imported, well, the default behavior could be a dialog/popup indicating:
"Hey! I received your file, But unfortunately I won't import this file for you, because it is a lossy format."

This way I say "ok, so I'll just convert it"

But when nothing happens I go "Oh my god! Just importing a single file isn't that easy, who knows how harder are further things I'm gonna do!" and that scares off lots of newcomers to Ardour. For me I just reverted back to Audacity! Because what I wanted to do was to overlay one downloaded rap beat to a recorded rap vocal and output a demo! not to mix!

BTW, after I found out I should convert my mp3 rap beat to .wav file, and I did that, I found out how importing was easy, drag&drop works, I even jumped straight into mixer and added some compressor and reverb, and everything worked just fine. like a charm!

Thanks :)


2018-08-28 15:28

administrator   ~0020373

All that being said, eventually Ardour may support mp3.

Since all or Ardour's audio i/o happens via libsndfile, it may indirectly gain support:

Currently there is also a trick: You can use Ardour-menu > Session > Open Video ; and "extract the soundtrack only" (that calls ffmpeg and converts the file to .wav for you)


2018-08-28 21:36

reporter   ~0020375

Thanks! @x42

good news and also nice trick

plus one ;)



2020-04-05 14:45

administrator   ~0021180

Ardour6-pre1 can import mp3 files


2020-04-06 07:29

reporter   ~0021204

Good news thanks


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023781

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