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Summary0007654: On Stop, no NoteOff is sent for previous NoteOn'd MIDI note
DescriptionFor each note that is currently NoteOn'd, Stop does not send the individual NoteOff, as reflected by Ardour's MIDI Tracer.

On my Roland keyboard this is not a problem, but my Novation keeps the note going. Manually pressing then releasing the concerned note on the Novation, thereby forcing a NoteOff on the device, stop the note from sounding.

This may be a quirk on Novation's end, but can be remedied by having Ardour send a NoteOff for notes that haven't gotten one yet. I see two possible moments, for the dev's to decide, when to send this NoteOff: upon Stop, or after Stop on the time scheduled as decided by the note length. On Stop, I assume, would be the easiest.
Steps To ReproduceDraw a long enough MIDI note in Ardour, so you can press Play, and before the note ends, press Stop. MIDI Tracer does not show an explicit NoteOff event for the notes currently NoteOn'd.
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2018-11-01 10:48

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This problem is also reported in:
0002139 (version 5.4 mentioned)

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