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0007647ardourbugspublic2020-06-30 13:01
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PlatformGNU / LinuxOSDebian StretchOS Version9.4
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007647: WAV region becomes muted after pitch shifting it
DescriptionEnclosed is a project that contains a processed sampled snare drum. When pitch shifting it (doesn't matter by which degree / direction) it becomes muted. Clicking the regions to get the properties reveals a peak value of -inf.
The waveform amplitude doesn't change though.

This bug (?) seems not to be related to the issue when trying to pitch shift a region for which the source file is missing. If this is the case the waveform become totally flat after pitch shifting it (see below).
Steps To ReproduceLoad the session in the attachment
Hear the snare drum -> sound
Pitch shift the snare
Play again -> no sound
Additional InformationSource file seems to be "40snare-3.wav", cause when this file is missing a missing file dialog comes up. Pitch shifting then leads to a flat line waveform as shown in the screenshot (
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2018-07-11 23:37


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