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0007646features2020-07-30 20:14
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Summary0007646: Add "shift midi notes up/down octave" keyboard shortcut
DescriptionCurrently it's possible to shift a selected midi note up or down by pressing the up and down key. It would be nice if I could use shift+up/down to shoft up or down by an octave.
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2020-07-30 13:02

administrator   ~0024863

Alt + Up/Down works here for this.


2020-07-30 13:13

reporter   ~0024864

Alt+Up/Alt+down select tracks for me in mixbus6


2020-07-30 20:13

administrator   ~0024865

Change to internal-edit-mode (keyboard-shortcut: 'e') , then select some notes. After that up/down pitches the selected notes by 1 semi-tone, Alt + up/down by one octave.

I've tested that in Mixbus6 (generally the Editor of Ardour and Mixbus is identical, only the mixer differs).

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