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0007626ardourotherpublic2018-06-04 07:21
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Product VersionMixbus 4.x 
Summary0007626: Strange config entries ?
DescriptionAt the weekend I needed to look in my 'config' files for Ardour and Mixbus. Under the section <Extra / UI> I noticed a large number of entries looking like this:-

      <Window name="PM-<some number here>-" visible="no" x-off="-1" y-off="-1" x-size="-1" y-size="-1"/>

AFAICT (looking through the code) they seem to be window proxies of various kinds. I have several versions of Ardour and Mixbus installed, some of which I use more than others. The ones I use rarely only have a few of these entries whereas the ones I use more regularly can have hundreds. Sometimes the "PM-" bit just says "P-" and other times it'll say "RPM-". If I load a session then save it, that tends to introduce more of these config entries.

I just wondered if this is normal or if it indicates a problem?
Additional InformationHappens with both Ardour and Mixbus. It seems to have crept in sometimes around Ardour v5 (Mixbus v4)
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