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0007620ardourotherpublic2018-06-26 11:54
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Summary0007620: Scrolling the session with mousewheel can result in some unwanted actions
DescriptionI've realized that one thing I'm struggling with in Ardour is th fact that using Mouse Wheel in the Editor doesn't feel 100% safe.

Mouse wheel can be used to scroll the timeline up and down to access all the tracks in a big session - however it can also perform some actions if my mouse happens to hover over something during the scrolling.

For example:

I scroll the session, but suddenly my mouse hovers over an automation lane and changes the lane's automation state from read to write. If I don't correct that I can overwrote some automation in my session - and if I'm unlucky I might not realize that until much later when I might not know what was supposed to be there.

There are more things that can happen - fro example if I have any MIDI notes selected, hovering over the MIDI region will stop scrolling, and will instead change the note velocity - if I don't have any notes selected it won't do that. This would also only happen in the Edit mode.
Additional InformationI am not sure what to do about this - being able to change things with the mouse wheel could be convenient, but often I feel that mouse wheel can do too much things in Ardour and it's a bit hard to anticipate when it's gonna happen. It's behaving like a Turing machine and by scrolling I make the machine go, and I don't know what it's going to do. 95% of the time nothing happens and But 5% of the time I mess something up and I need to fix it.

A solution I can think of is maybe make the scroll wheel perform anything else than scroll the view, only when it was started when hovering over an object that would accept such events.

For example:

1. I start scrolling the view.
2. I suddenly scroll to a place where my mouse hovers over an automation state combobox - this should be ignored and Ardour should just scroll further.
3. Once I found the automation lane I wanted to affect, I ca stop scrolling and then hover my mouse over that object, and engage scrolling again - this should be accepted as the scrolling action was started while over the combobox, not anywhere else.

Does this make sense?

I must say that I never really use moussewheel to alter comboboxes in Ardour, as I reserve that action to scrolling the view and I always click twice to change the automation state of a lane instead.
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