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Summary0007611: Timestreching automation? Stretching with changed tempo?
DescriptionI have a project where I frequently change tempo to help a bass player learn her part.

When I change the tempo of my session, all the MIDI tracks align nicely and I don't have to do any extra work to get them sounding as expected.

However automation lanes for the tracks do not change their speed according to the new tempo. I tried finding an appropriate option, but I couldn't. Maybe I missed something?

I tried fixing it with the time-stretch tool, but it doesn't operate or automation data at all.

I wonder what could be done about this. Maybe encapsulating automation data in regions, just like MIDI and audio regions- would allow timestretching them?
I guess that could also help link automation data to MIDI regions, and have them follow their parents.

I can imagine this could require major changes in how Ardour works with automation in the first place.

On the other hand - since MIDI tracks handle retiming to changing tempo very well, I guess it might not be so far fetched to expand such functionality to automation lanes too.
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2018-07-04 12:20

administrator   ~0020334

Changing this will be a significant effort. Automation data is currently considered locked to audio time, and therefore would never change based on the tempo map.

Part of the work going into version 6 relates to a much more robust representation of time and clear identification of what "time domain" is used for any particular timestamp. Possibly after this work is done, it will be much simpler to identify an automation track as being locked to musical time, and thus responsive to tempo changes.

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