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0007610ardourbugspublic2018-04-30 23:56
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Platform64 bitOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product VersionMixbus 4.x 
Summary0007610: MB kicks out an error when exporting to an invalid folder AFTER the export is done.
DescriptionI was exporting a long concert I recently recorded with some heavy DSP, and I had selected a 16/44.1 export with normalization, and AFTER spending many minutes exporting the session, it kicked this error at the end (I guess when it tried to normalize?):

[ERROR]: Export ended unexpectedly: Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::Threader<float>:
  - Dynamic type: AudioGrapher::Exception
  - what(): Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::SndfileWriter<short>: Could not write data to output file (Not a valid SNDFILE* pointer.)

I had been in the export dialog making changes, and I must have accidentally clicked in the export folder path and added or deleted a letter or something, so the folder was no longer valid. So it crapped out looking for that folder at some point.

Shouldn't it check just to make sure the folder is valid before attempting to do the export and write?

Maybe something like:

 "Export folder doesn't exist, would you like to create? Y/N"

Yes gives you a dialog to make a folder, name it click save, export begins. No dumps you back to the export dialog with a clue about what you did.

Or something similar to that.

Yeah, I know, this is very likely a rare thing, but on a long export like I was doing today, it was a big time waster. On a 4 minute pop song I wouldn't have cared. But it just seems wise to do some sort of check immediately when you click EXPORT.

I'm assuming this would happen in Ardour as well.
Steps To ReproduceMake you export path invalid (to a folder that doesn't exist), make sure normalize is selected, and export the session. Should happen for you. Happened for me on the big session, and once when I tested it on a much shorter session.
Additional InformationI'm having pizza for dinner tonight.
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2018-04-30 23:56

administrator   ~0020264

Ardour should not only check if the target folder exists, but also if the user has write-permissions.

And yes, Ardour should try to create the file early on (and not export for normalization to $TMPDIR first).

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