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Summary0007609: Highlight keys on the Piano roll whenever playing from Disk or Input
DescriptionIn many situations I find myself wishing the Piano Roll would highlight notes when I play live on a keyboard, or play back from disk.

Additional InformationI'm attaching a simple mockup.
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2018-04-30 18:53


Selection_388.png (13,294 bytes)   
Selection_388.png (13,294 bytes)   


2018-07-10 06:16

reporter   ~0020352

An external instrument is also great when it’s time to choose a sound for a new track, because you can walk through the various instrument names without ever having to close the Track Info dialog box. See Figure 4-3 for more information.


2018-07-13 03:28


Piano_Roll_Offset.jpg (84,897 bytes)   
Piano_Roll_Offset.jpg (84,897 bytes)   


2018-07-13 03:31

reporter   ~0020354

Last edited: 2018-07-13 03:31

I also have been looking at the offset of the piano keyboard on the side, and it looks like its 1-2px lower than the Piano Roll. It would be good to get this aligned. The keyboard need not to be realistic (as in beveled corners etc) just line up. If this aspect of the keyboard is intentional then please disregard this suggestion.

See above jpg "Piano_Roll_Offset"


2018-07-13 06:45

reporter   ~0020356

I think the shape of the piano roll keyboard is optimized to keep the piano roll rows have the same height.


2023-11-18 17:22

reporter   ~0028336

I just wanted to chime in with my reason for wanting this feature. I suspect I'm surely in the minority of people here who don't read or understand music theory. I tend to loop a few bars of the thing I'm working on, call up an interesting synth patch, and "explore" via my MIDI controller until I get that warm & fuzzy feeling. At that point, I have 2 options; either record it live or just enter the notes into a piano roll. I tend to go for the latter approach since I know I'd end up quantizing any live performance anyway. This is the exact moment this feature would provide me with real value. Because the piano keys don't highlight in any way on input, I have to basically look back and forth between where my finger is on the controller and where I want to draw a note with my mouse. Granted, don't get me wrong...... my neck works just fine and obviously I've been productive. It would just be so cool to benefit from this type of real-time feedback.

By the way, ever since moving to Ardour, I've discovered a tiny hack which improves on the back & forth thing described above. Now, I add the MIIDI monitor plugin into the track so I can see the MIDI note number in the mixer panel when I press a key. Then, in piano roll (with edit mode enabled), I can easily locate the corresponding white or black square representing the note in question. This is cool but obviously just a silly hack :)

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