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0007596bugs2020-04-02 18:19
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PlatformPC x86-64OSLinuxOS Version4.14.32
Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007596: Strange recording of MIDI Note-Off
DescriptionNote-Off message is written not in the right place, and after a while. As result, it is sounded as a note duplication. I have this place on devices with Poly-Aftertouch, for example Roland HPD-20.
Additional InformationI recorded a simple example in Ardour and Qtractor.
I recorded the following:
1 strike a snare
2 press HH pedal ON
3 strike a snare
4 HH pedal OFF
5 strike a snare

In Qtractor all OK, in Ardour - not
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2018-04-09 13:54


ardour.mid (351 bytes)


2018-04-09 13:54


qtractor.mid (245 bytes)


2018-04-09 14:16

administrator   ~0020249

Did you perhaps connect the MIDI track's input multiple times?

Do you use JACK with jack's built-in midi driver (and not a2jmidid)? If so does using Ardour's ALSA backend make a difference?

Looking at the .mid files all events are tripled.

There are three "note on" all at the same time. e.g.

  28330 On ch=10 n=60 v=118
  28330 On ch=10 n=60 v=118
  28330 On ch=10 n=60 v=118

Likewise for other events: Parameter-changes, etc. They show up duplicate or more. The note-off not being correct is a follow up error: Ardour automatically closes off notes (and only once for multiple events).

While Ardour's MIDI handling is not without flaws, this seems to be rather a setup issue. MIDI-through or some routing duplicating events before Ardour.

Dump of the ardour.mid files (only note events)

MFile 0 1 19200
28330 On ch=10 n=60 v=118
28330 On ch=10 n=60 v=118
28330 On ch=10 n=60 v=118
32200 Off ch=10 n=60 v=0
49810 On ch=10 n=76 v=51
53700 Off ch=10 n=76 v=0
68980 On ch=10 n=60 v=101
68980 On ch=10 n=60 v=101
68980 On ch=10 n=60 v=101
68980 On ch=10 n=60 v=101
72870 Off ch=10 n=60 v=0
112730 On ch=10 n=60 v=103
112730 On ch=10 n=60 v=103
112730 On ch=10 n=60 v=103
116600 Off ch=10 n=60 v=0
116600 Meta TrkEnd

Dump of qtractor.mid (only note events)
MFile 1 2 960
0 Meta TrkName "Track_1-4"
1180 On ch=10 n=60 v=127
1372 Off ch=10 n=60 v=0
1827 On ch=10 n=76 v=63
2019 Off ch=10 n=76 v=0
2906 On ch=10 n=60 v=127
3100 Off ch=10 n=60 v=0
4652 On ch=10 n=60 v=127
4844 Off ch=10 n=60 v=0
4844 Meta TrkEnd


2018-04-09 20:08

reporter   ~0020250

I connect MIDI output of HPD-20 directly to the track being recorded.
I use JACK 0.125.0 (with jack's built-in midi driver)

All this try with Ardour, Qtractor, Reaper.
Only with Ardour this issue.

Surely, events tripled, ... (I not write this in text, MIDI file xplains better :)


2018-04-09 20:54

administrator   ~0020251

Qtractor does not use JACK-MIDI.

Can you try if Ardour without JACK has the same issue?


2018-04-10 06:44


ardour-alsa.mid (321 bytes)


2018-04-10 06:47

reporter   ~0020252

Ardour with ALSA - the same (ardour-alsa.mid).


2018-04-10 06:54

reporter   ~0020253

This issue only occurs with Roland HPD-20, other devises working perfectly. Maybe it's due to Poly-Aftertouch messages, generated by HPD-20?

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