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Summary0007560: Changing the type of a channel
DescriptionIt would be really convenient to be able to change the type of a channel, even after it was created. So let's say you created a bunch of Audio-/MIDI-channels for virtual instruments and grouped them together to "FX" and gave them a particular color-theme and so on. But then you realize you, that you wanted one of those channels to be an audio channel for some sampled FX. You can not undo adding a channel, since all undo/redo options only affect the sequencer, not the mixer. Even if it would, let's say it was not the last channel you added, but the one before. If undo would affect the mixer, you would loose one track you do not want to delete. But that was only hypothetical. But still, you don't want to delete one channel and add anotherone again. This is more work (more clicks, more mouse movements) than simply changing a channel's type by clicking on a special button on the channelstrip or an already existing one, which pulldown menu could be extended by one more option ("channel type"). Then the "new" audio-channel would already be grouped correctly, be in the right color, have the right name and right in- and outputs. Then it further would also be useful, if Ardour asked whether you want to keep the plugins the "old" channel was containing and also which ones (maybe through like some check boxes).
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