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0000756ardourbugspublic2009-07-05 03:25
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Summary0000756: Software monitoring happens when it shouldn't
DescriptionAny track that is rec-enabled correctly displays input levels when not rollling. When playback is started though (without master rec-able), software monitoring is active on the rec-enabled track(s). Once master rec-enable is activated and recording is underway, software monitoring stops.
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2004-11-09 01:42

developer   ~0001578

isn't this the expected behaviour?
if you were punching in something, wouldn't you need to hear the track up until the time you're actually recording?
this is the way many tape machines work, btw.


2004-11-09 08:44

developer   ~0001579

No, it's not the track I'm hearing, it's the input source being sent back to me by software, along with the delay associated with software monitoring. This happens even though software monitoring is off in options.

Hearing the track before a punch in point is an option, which works correctly, by selecting 'auto input' on the toolbar in conjunction with the punch in buttons.


2004-11-10 03:14

developer   ~0001585

sorry, i misunderstood you. what you describe is indeed the wrong behaviour.


2006-11-06 22:06

administrator   ~0002696

Is this still a problem?


2009-07-05 03:25

manager   ~0006298

Resolving this issue out as it is believed to be solved, and has been years without feedback.

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