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0007559features2018-02-14 06:32
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PlatformPurismOSPureOSOS Version8
Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007559: Tooltips are only shown, when playback is stopped
DescriptionIt would be more convenient, if tooltips are shown all the time. So, if the sequencer is running and your cursor hovers over something, you could read the tips. Every other workstation I remember does it that way. So why not Ardour. Or give us the option through two check boxes, one for "show tooltips when sequencer is running" and one for "show tooltips when sequencer is stopped". That would give users more control. I really would like to have that.
Steps To ReproduceHover your cursor over any object or button, when sequencer is stopped. You will see no tooltips.
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duplicate of 0007268 closedx42 Tooltips aren't displayed during playback 


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