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0007558ardourfeaturespublic2018-08-06 11:17
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PlatformPurismOSPureOSOS Version8
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007558: MIDI note objects can not be merged together
DescriptionIf you create a MIDI-object of, let's say, 4 bars and another one just after it, you can not fuse/merge/combine/add them together. It is just not possible. The pulldown menu gives you a "combine" option, but it can not be chosen on MIDI objects. It's not highlighted & can not be clicked on. You could do it to audio-objects though. So why not on MIDI? I mean, you can cut a large MIDI object into smaller ones. So why not be able to combine them? That would make arranging with Ardour much more simple, I guess.
Steps To ReproduceCreate at least 2 MIDI note objects on a track. Try to combine them, be frustrated.
Additional InformationThis would improve workflow & usability by a big amount.
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